This is a picture of Ben sitting on a chair trying to explain something
Photo by Matthew Dunivan

I'm a playwright and neuroscientist who uses methods of experimentation and collaboration to create new works for the stage. My plays have been presented in New York, Baltimore, Omaha, and Shanghai, China. My MFA in playwriting is from Columbia University.

As a playwright, my work explores the intersection of science and theater. More thorough descriptions can be found at my plays page. But for a brief summary:

  • BIRD is about the evolutionary purpose of storytelling
  • MIDLIFE is about human consciouness
  • IN ONE SENSE is about chaos vs. control told through the five(et al.) human senses
  • CHIN UP! (née CHASING SHADOWS) is about the nomenclature of clouds and vulnerability
  • PIONEER SPECIES (my Columbia MFA thesis) is about the perception of time

There's not much else to do here, but send me an email, if you'd like to get in touch.